LYL-Logo-FinalHealth in aging is a serious issue as 70 million baby boomers move into senior status.   In the age of a fragile health care system, we can choose to refuse to burden it or our families with our health carelessness.  We can choose a better way through our senior years.

The earlier we change, the better our chances of a healthy aging experience.  I speak to baby boomers and our children.  I speak on our taking responsibility for our healthy senior years and how we can address issues before they become bad.  We can often prevent or cut short our exposure to disease and disability.   Do you want to be a burden or a healthy, active senior?

What kind of future are you willing to work toward?  A nursing home or a vacation home?  The choices you make now can make the difference in how you live tomorrow.  Learn some of the secrets to a future where you play with your grandchildren, go out with friends and family, enjoy what the day has to offer, give back to your community, or travel the world.  In many ways, it is up to you how your years are spent…in health or in disability or disease.  Choose to refuse what you can choose to change.

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