New Endeavors, New Site, Healthy Aging Speaking and Coaching.

I have been very busy lately.  First, I am doing a Senior/Caregiver Massage and Health Fair Aug 23 afternoon at Ventura Harbor.  It is my first event and it has taken a lot of work and sweat.

Second, I am building a subscription site.  At its core will be information on medications and what nutrients are taken from the body with various types of drugs.  I will then link some of the side effects with the lack of those nutrients.  Why suffer when reintroduction of the depleted nutrients could limit some side effects and support your body?  Does anyone tell you this? will keep me busy way into my golden years researching, writing, speaking, and coaching for healthy aging.  One day in the not too distant future, I will have to stop doing much massage.  I am building my platform to continue contributing to the world in other ways.  I hope you will join me in this new journey into healthy aging.

I am a baby boomer.  There are so many of us and so few of you who want to work with us from a place of knowledge and understanding.  Sure, many massage therapists may take us into their practice, but how many really know us?  How many really know how to work with our aging bodies and our medications or injuries?

What therapists didn’t know prompted me to write my book.  Now I want to speak and coach so people understand aging and the aging from a deeper and more intimate angle.  Knowing how we age can help us support healthy aging.

And I want to support caregivers.  Their work is difficult and often not respected, as necessary as it is.  We need to honor both our seniors and our caregivers.  All this is my mission going forward.  I hope you connect with me if your mission links with mine.  Joining with the like minded community will give us all support in the long term.

Coming Soon!
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