Life here is in transition.  I will soon be giving talks on Love Your Longevity.  My goal is to keep my generation, the baby boomers, and their children healthier and away from the fragile medical system or from depending on their families.  For many of us who are still healthy, that is a choice we can make.   Some who are now ill can improve and live a healthier lifestyle.  For some others, this may not be obtainable.

I look forward to working with a local insurance man.   He will talk about wealth and I will talk about health for our audiences.  Not only will we be addressing live groups, but our presentations will be streaming live on internet TV.  Approval has been given so now we must coordinate and I must learn to use the existing technology in his office.

Another partner is a local healer who wants me to present in her home.  I would like to do many more of these home presentations.  Practice in home environments will help me perfect my talk for larger groups.  These audiences are also usually a bit more friendly.

I have also been in talks with a quality brand of supplements I represent.  I want to build a subscription site that would let the public have access to information they would have to dig for in internet searches.  I have never seen a public site have all of what I want to build.  It is important to me that those of the public that want this ‘practitioner only’ data, have access to it in an easy to use format.

And I am on the brink of my first contract with a small senior home.  I hope to get a therapist for them once I bring them on board.  My goal is to gradually give my clients to local massage therapists who have contracted with senior massage group.  I believe that once my talks start getting known, I will have to start easing out of doing the massage work myself.  This was my plan all along as I age out.  I am a baby boomer, too.

Other partnerships are in the air.  I never know what or who may offer opportunities.  But I welcome what finds me and see how it can work into the grand scheme of things.  I keep busy with all the ideas I am pursuing.  I hope that whatever dreams you are chasing, you catch them!!

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