The 'S.P.I.R.I.T.' Method of Massage for SeniorsA book addressing massage therapists, seniors, and caregivers.  Instead of just another book on massage techniques alone, my book introduces us to the life challenges of seniors and the aging.  We need to understand our elders and their stage of life so we may serve them best.  Don’t you want to lead the field?


I designed this book through a series of questions and answers to stimulate further class discussion or personal exploration.  No one, teacher or not, knows it all.  By encouraging sharing of ideas about each chapter, we can learn from each other.  That is my approach when teaching from my material.

Here are the areas of content of the book.

1.  S is for Seniors … Who are they?  Where are they?  How do they live?

What are their challenges?

2.  P is for Physical Issues of Seniors … Medications and Massage.

3.  I is for Informed Inspiration and Intent … What is it and where does it come from?  How is it used?

4.  R is for Respect … How do you show respect to all those around your elder client?  How do you respect yourself?  Why you need boundaries.

5.  I is for Infirmity and Identity … How does illness/injury affect identity?  What are the psychological implications?  What changes have to be made in daily living?  Can you relate to the disabled client?

6.  T is for Tools of Touch … What do you need to help seniors feel safe?  To feel comfortable?  To stay in your care?

Our seniors are vulnerable.  In California they are vulnerable to low massage educational standards.  Too few customers interview potential therapists and, therefore, don’t know the level of training or the type of training they are submitting to.

Our seniors have more chronic and even acute conditions as well as more medications than most younger clients.  All these issues mean changes for massage techniques, if massage is indicated at all.  We as therapists have to know more to treat geriatric clients safely and with the proper amount of compassion.

I am available for teaching and training from my book, especially in California where low standards of initial training compromise clients and the massage industry in the state.  As a state, we need better preparation to work with the largest senior population to ever exist.  Safety is of primary concern and that means more knowledge of seniors themselves and of ourselves.

An older book that I contributed to:  “101 Way to Improve Your Health”













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